• Premium qualty

    Try MIMZI - feel the difference

  • Safety

    Full protection and incredibly high comfort level. Raw materials are selected according to safety standards and regulations Of Japan.

  • Super Absorbent SUMITOMO highest level

    Non-toxic and strong water absorption is base of MIMZI diapers and pants

  • Мanufacture

    MIMZI developed using latest technologies, to create incredible production with highest qualty

Diapers MIMZI
Benefits of MIMZI Premium diapers
Even if you and your baby enjoy diapers you use now, know can be more better!
  • Light but absorbing!

    Alike's MIMZI diaper is the lightest and softest that a caring mother could ever dream of for her baby. Wearing MIMZI is like riding in the clouds - it is designed to be so light and soft to provide babies with a maximum sense of lightness and mobility.

  • Safe and secure

    The new super breathable hypoallergenic system frees your baby’s delicate skin from moisture, rashes, irritations and allergies! The ultra-soft surface that touches the baby has a soft touch like silk, which prevents irritation and redness of the baby’s sensitive tender skin. An ultra-soft top layer as soft as a touch of the cloud inspires the baby to sleep all night. Fluffy soft stretch around the waist will suit even the most active babies. It is so soft to provide with the lightest sensation around baby’s waist.

  • Ultra thin and soft

    Ultra-thin design with a thickness of only 1.8 mm, 1/3 times thinner than traditional diapers. MIMZI is designed to satisfy even the most active babies. Its ultralight feeling allows your child to move freely and actively.

  • Super absorption capacity

    The new improved T-core with ADL allows the diaper to be even drier, more comfortable and less osmotic. MIMZI absorbent layer uses Japanese SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer). It is known that for many years SAP of the Japanese company SUMITOMO absorbed and retained up to 1000 times its weight in water. Alike uses only Japan-accredited SAP, which provides good wet absorption with its diapers.

  • Wetness indicator

    You will never forget to change the diaper with a humidity indicator, which will remind moms to change the diaper in time, just check color change

  • Does not sag or swell

    The new improved care structure absorbs a bigger volume of liquid, ensuring its uniform absorption by the absorbent layer, keeping it inside passing into absorption. Uncomfortable sag and leakage are also prevented because the SAP layer is located between the allocation layers in which the polymers fixed on both sides. The absorbent core is made of nonwoven fabric with SAP of the highest level. It is softer and more absorbent. Absolutely does not swell, sag, create lumps and does not spread out no matter how active your baby are, creating absolute comfort for your baby

  • Breathability

    The MIMZI diaper uses a breathable, tissue-like back layer that allows air to pass through and evaporate moisture to keep the baby dry. It also uses a breathable top layer from the waist to the cuff to ensure dryness on all sides. Unique soft non-woven fabric with tens of thousands of tiny pores, allows baby's joints to be dry and comfortable all the time.

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